More than a Hundred [En]

7 Sep

My head is full of unnecessary knowledge.  In Tehran airport one can use the Internet just if he has a local mobile number. In Cairo the wifi just pretends to work. At Istanbul ‘Ataturk’ the best tables with plugs are at Starbucks, close to the Gate 42.  In Dortmund there is no wifi in the non-Schengen terminal even if you paid for it 3 euro and was ensured it should work. In Paris Charlie de Gaulle there is no luggage storage. In the Munich airport one can get a free coffee and  a the Wall Street Journal copy. In the Yerevan airport cognac is better than elsewhere in the city.  In Adis Ababa it’s better not to buy black roasted coffee beans – they are way too bitter. In Athens one can smoke even in a non-smoking zone. In Bangkok prepare 15₴ as a bribe at the visa desk if you don’t have a ticket back. In Amman – try to be the first to change your 20 JD not to wait too long for a visa.  At the Buenos Aires airport currency exchange rate is indeed twice lower than in the city. In Moscow Sheremetyevo it’s possible to change money just in the automats which don’t accept British pounds.  In New York JFK no trolleys if you don’t have a visa card. In Amsterdam Schipholm they have enough of good  trolleys for hand luggage.  In Cape Town beware of the tax police.  In Deli  the alcohol bought at duty free is handed just while boarding.  At the Beijing airport currency exchange kiosks don’t work before 8am, so  spend all the last yens for tea. In Viennese Schwechet the DKNY Green Apple sale lasts already for 5 years. While in Havana there is a chance to wait for a delay sitting beside Gael Garcia Bernal.

But I don’t care about this unnecessary knowledge. The only thing I am afraid it should not take a place of the things which are genuinely important.

During the last month in 3 countries I talked, got in touch to more than 100 people.

100 means 100 times I was surprised, inspired, confused, made others confused, refused, compromised, undermined, respected, appreciated, thanked, agreed, disagreed, understood, misunderstood, learnt something new, searched for a question, searched for an answer, didn’t find a proper question, found an answer, liked, disliked, looked at, listen to, thought about, smiled to and smiled backed, laughed, loved, felt in love, got disappointed, missed, missed in advance, cared rather than not, shared, dared, u name it… The most important at least  100 times felt something new and as different as every person was.

As different as former islamists who had become cyber dissidents, or an agriculture engeniers who become an important member of an islamists party. As different as musicians who had heard their first LP in LA, Muscat, or got it shipped from a sister who had immigrated to Paris. As different as former bankers who moved from Abu Dhabi to make music in Cairo or guys from Egyptian villages who moved to Abu Dhabi to make money there. Normal families who want to move away from Dubai for a sake of their children, Tunisian families who want to move to Dubai for a sake of their children. As different as hackers who told that before the revolution they had lost any sense in life and were ready to commit suicide, but found a new sense after, and the activists who put all the sense into the Revolution and stoppe to believe in anything after

And also 100 times or at least more than hundred I left a piece of myself  – smaller or bigger  -but to every of them.. Which means I deserve at least one day break.  Right here right now.



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